Interview: Iona asks: Nine year old Iona talks to her favourite country duo American Young

American Young are a US country music duo made up of Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone.

The duo released their self titled album in 2016 via Curb Records which included their epic single Love is War.

American Young are no strangers to the UK, having made various appearances over a few years and building quite the fan base, AY have definitely made themselves a home away from home here.

With such a strong fan base in the UK, when offered an interview we thought, who better to ask them some questions than their biggest UK fan?

Iona, a nine year old girl from Reading, Berkshire has traveled to various shows to see her favourite duo live in concert – known to both Kirsty and Jon, this interview was very special for both them and for Iona.

I hope you enjoy what we find a well written interview from such a young fan who clearly loves her music and more importantly, her country music.

What are the best and worst things about doing what you do?

The best is getting to meet people like you!! The worst is… to be honest with you I haven’t found many worst being a musician is a gift every day.

I can’t wait to hear Better On You on the radio, do you ever get annoyed when things don’t sound exactly right?

Jon does. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to sound. Especially while being on stage he wants everything to sound right, but I guess we all do.

I get frustrated when it sounds wrong of course. It’s our job to sound as good as possible. That’s why I would rather travel duo acoustic unless it’s a familiar festival and I know the sound crew, or I can afford to take a sound girl or guy.

Who is more fun and why?

Between Jon and I? I think we both have fun. Life is fun!!!

What things do you like about the UK that you don’t have in America?

I love the music, the history, the art, the architecture, the Queen, the culture… I love your country!! 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧

I am learning guitar and get annoyed when I can’t get it right, it is so hard!! What instruments can you play and what is your favourite to play?

I play everything… just some better then others. My favorite is my new violin and the electric guitar.

We play many instruments ranging from guitar, bass guitar, violin, drums, mandolin, piano. Jon’s favorite is the guitar and Kristy’s favorite is the violin

What do you do when you get stuck when writing a song?

grab a snack. This is Kristy obviously.

Try not to think too hard, breathe, leave the room and give the lyrics space

Do you write your lyrics first or the music?

This is Kristy… it depends on the song.

Jon Stone – It varies with every write.

What is each of your favourite songs you have ever written and why?

Kristy… I haven’t written it yet.

Jon Stone – “Seven Days a Thousand Time” – It’s just really well written

What song do you love playing live the most?

Jon Stone – “I love all them alike”

Kristy- I have a song called Girl Gone I love playing because it’s super rangy. I feel like it clears the cobwebs in my upper range.

I saw on Instagram you helping Kids with songwriting, I wish we had people do this at my School, do you have any tips on how to get started with getting the lyrics started?

Yes. Write what you feel. Everyday.

Do you have any new songs? When Can I hear them?

We do. Send me your email and I’ll send u some!!

Who did you listen to when you were 9?

Jon Stone – 2 Life Crew and NWA

Kristy – Amy Grant and Vince Gill

What 3 songs are your favourites that I should go and listen to?

Love is War – American Young

Train – American Young

Better On You – American Young


Listen to American Young here

Purchase American Young here

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