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Temecula Road – Live at the Daytime Hub – The Borderline – London – Review

Since before Temecula Road even played their first ever UK show during C2C they have fast become quite a big part of my country music world. This trio are just simply lovely in every single way. Crazy talented doesn’t even cut it – they have so much going for them that I can only predict one heck of a great future ahead of them.

One of the loveliest things about them is just how humble and sweet they are – interviewing them earlier in the day, I was greeted with a huge welcoming hug from Dawson as always which was so lovely. Dawson, Emma and Maddie are so well grounded with such infectious personalities that I could have talked to them all day.

Whenever they go on tour, the entire Temecula Road clan go with them which is wonderful to see and their journeys and stories are always posted by the very proud Temecula Road mums.  After chatting for almost a year online to Dawson’s mum – we finally got to meet this time and she is just as lovely in person.

Temecula Road played a string of shows during Country Music Week but sadly I could only make the Daytime Hub show, but one show is better than none though right?

Temecula Road skipped on stage looking as picture perfect as ever and beaming with delight – always so incredibly happy to be on stage. It had been a good seven months since I last saw Temecula Road and they have come so far. Always brilliant, they managed to impress me even further and proved how much they have grown as artists and individuals. Maddie, Emma and Dawson seemed so much more relaxed and confident this time and they made me feel that they truly belong here now, the audience reaction alone showed the trio that they have a home here. The trio’s banter on stage always has me in giggles and adoration as they come out with the sweetest and goofiest things that just makes you LOVE them.

Vocally, you cannot fault them, they seem to be getting better and better too and Maddie in particular seems to have opened up a lot.

Starting their set with That’s A Kiss – a song I remembered from C2C , they caught the audience’s attention immediately. From a loud chatting crowd before they began to a more attentive one, Temecula Road were showing The Borderline how it’s done.

Dawson’s charms always seem to win over a crowd, he always says the funniest things and telling the crowd to try not to kiss in the front row as is totally awkward just set off banter back and forth from the trio where the girls teased Dawson for his words saying he just wishes it was him as he is single. This prompted their debut single in the US What If I Kissed You which has had over 2 million streams on Spotify. Emma plays the mandolin so well especially on this song – I love this song live as brings out such a wonderful chemistry between the three of them. Dawson kicks off the first verse with Maddie on the second and Emma provides stunning harmonies.

Temecula Road are known for their killer mash ups and we were treated with some insane skills on the mash up front at The Borderline. All our favourite country songs in three minutes. What I loved was that I got to hear Emma sing a bit more solo which proved her to be just as an exceptional singer as her sister Maddie. This mash up was a lot of fun and incredibly clever and Dawson explains that when they were filming a mash up for their socials, he messed it up right at the end after an almost perfect take.

Next was a cover of The Eagles Desperado which always goes down well and the crowd cheered with delight, respect and gratitude. Emma shines during this song and it was a truly stunning version.

The highlight for me though and many I am sure was their current US single Everything Without You – Wow! Maddie showed us just how well she can sing on this gorgeous ballad that is truly captivating. The song gave me chills and the harmonies from Dawson and Emma were hauntingly beautifully and absolutely insane. This song gives us a more mature side to Temecula Road and a clear sign of what they are really capable of.

Closing the set with debut UK single Hoping, a fun up beat track about hoping for those moments with a crush – this track resonated with pretty much everyone and it was a great way to end a fabulous set.

Temecula Road are undeniably spectacular and played a show stopping acoustic set with just their harmonious vocals, guitar and Mandolin.

Newly signed to Decca in the UK, I hope this is one of many many trips from my favourite trio and I am so delighted to get to be a part of their journey, even just here on reviews.

I know I said this last time, but Dawson, Maddie and Emma – I totally want to be your British Aunt ha!

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