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Seth Ennis – Bristol UK – Live Review

Seth Ennis has undoubtedly made his mark on the UK again – his C2C performance inside the arena was a stand out performance in itself but his set supporting Little Big Town was on a different level entirely. It is safe to say that Seth is going places, he has it all, the voice, the lyrics, the melody and the ability to play his instruments as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Seth did not just warm up the crowd for Little Big Town, he enriched our lives for the short time he was on stage and reminded us of why music truly is a healer and for those moments, we forgot about all the recent sad events.

Seth has a really fresh and exciting style within his music that fits perfectly well within todays modern sound and live he just excels. His interaction with the crowd and stage presence is very engaging and he won over the crowd within his first song of the night Buzz.
Fast Girl was next which is quite infectious and a lot of the crowd seemed to be singing along which is nice – it is one of those songs that’s great to sing along to.

I think singing Three was a highlight for many of us. I did not expect him to preform this song. Three is a song Seth wrote with Lauren Alaina and Jordan Kyle Richards and is on her current album The Road Less Traveled. Three is such an emotionally stunning song with very honest lyrics which focus on Lauren’s career life and how the hard work affects her family life. Seth has performed this with Lauren at the Ryman and he says how it is a highlight of his career. Live, his version was beautiful, I hope to see Lauren perform it one day, even better the two together but Seth gave us a highly memorable rendition of it that will stay in my memory for a long time.

I was so happy that Seth performed Think and Drive as I love this song so much – it is a stunning piano driven track which Seth plays beautifully and he showed his audience that he has multiple talents. This song live filled the venue and it felt as if it echoed throughout the room. I also feel that this song shows off his vocal ability the most and shows his passion and emotion which is something that is hard to portray, he has a natural ability to sing his music in a really believable way.

Look At You was next with a more energetic feel and a fun toe tapping, ‘get up on your feet and dance’ melody. Seth closed his set with his much loved single Woke Up In Nashville which was to be expected and was a great way to end his set. It seemed that the majority of the audience if not all knew the words to this song, well I was singing loud anyway.

I can’t wait for Seth to come back to the UK, he has a home here for sure and we will never tire of him or his music and we hope that he does think of us as a second home.

Purchase Mabelle – EP by Seth Ennis here
Check out our interview with Seth here


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