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Interview: Talking to Temecula Road about Country Music Week, the UK fans and their UK single ‘Hoping’

Temecula Road have been heavily featured on our site for a while now and it is safe to say that we are huge supporters of the young trio. After a successful visit earlier in the year during C2C festival, Temecula Road return to the UK this week to be part of Country Music Week where they will play a number of shows.

Temecula Road have just released their latest UK single Hoping via Decca who are their UK label and we are so excited that they are fast becoming a big part of the UK scene.

Purchase Hoping – Single by Temecula Road here

We caught up with Maddie, Emma and Dawson to discuss their single, UK fans and Country Music Week as well as a few fun questions.


Hi guys – How are you?

Temecula Road: We’re great!

What have you been up to this week?

Dawson: We shot the music video for our new single “Everything Without You” and are opening up for Lee Brice.

It’s been quite the year so far, what have been your highlights?

Maddie: C2C was definitely a highlight! It was our first time overseas and we had so much fun.

How was that experience for you? Did you expect the UK audience to know your music as well as they did?

Emma: It was incredible. We were shocked at how many people knew our music in the UK. Even some of the songs we haven’t released!

Dawson: Absolutely not. Like Emma said, we were so surprised, but it was so cool!

Did you catch any artists? If so, who and who were your highlights?

Maddie: Yes we watched the show every night! They were all so good. Dan + Shay, Drake White, and Maren Morris were definitely highlights.

What did you enjoy about the trip that wasn’t work related?

Dawson: We got to do a lot of sightseeing. Being able to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace for this first time was really cool.

You are returning to the UK for Country Music Week in October which is really exciting- how did being a part of the event come to be and have you been eager to return to the UK after C2C?

Emma: They asked if we’d like to come back after C2C and we were so excited. We have some of the most amazing fans in the UK.

What are you looking forward to most about returning?

Maddie: Hopefully seeing some familiar faces from C2C and meeting lots of new fans.

Where can we see you that week and what can we expect from the shows? We gather some will be a little different as you are playing both shows and will be hanging out at the daytime hub right?

Dawson: Yes it definitely sounds like it will be a different experience! We can’t wait. You can see us October 5th at Borderline, October 6th at Bush Hall, and October 7th at Borderline.

You are on a line-up with some equally awesome artists – have you seen or worked with any of them before?

Emma: Yes! We know Levi Hummon and actually perform a song that he wrote in our show.

Hoping round (A bit of fun to celebrate the UK single ‘Hoping’)

Will you be catching any shows during your time here at Country Music Week? If so, who are you hoping to see?

Dawson: We hope so! We all love Drake White, so it would be amazing to see him again.

Your current single released in the UK is Hoping – could you tell us a little bit about the song?

Maddie: “Hoping” is about the anticipation you feel with someone on that first date. I think we’ve all been there where you’re imagining what’s going to happen!

Hoping has been released in the US for a while now and has had over a million streams on Spotify – were you ever hoping to get that many streams or has it come as quite a surprise?

Emma: It’s always a surprise! It’s crazy to think that many people are listening to your music.

Tell us about the Hoping video and what it was like to shoot?

Dawson: The “Hoping” video was really fun because we got to shoot it in our hometown, Temecula. It was just a day where there wasn’t any real plan, but they followed us around capturing different footage. We wanted to give fans a glimpse of us just having fun.

What is your favourite type of food and what kind of food will you be hoping to get here in the UK?

Maddie: Probably Italian. I’m looking forward to getting some macarons!

Dawson: I love all food. Definitely going to have some Indian food and fish and chips.

Emma: I love food and I’m really trying to eat healthy, so we’ll see!

Are you going to do any site seeing here? If so, where are you hoping to go?

Maddie: I hope so! I’m always down to do some shopping, so hopefully we get to explore a bit.

Are you hoping to return to the UK on a regular basis?

Dawson: Most definitely. We love the UK and our fans there. It’s so cool.

When are you hoping to get your album released?

Emma: Right now, we’re just focused on getting as much new material out there as we can. Trying to keep it coming every few months!

You are performing at Stagecoach Festival which is so exciting- how did that gig come to be and who are you hoping to see that weekend?

Maddie: We played a smaller stage at Stagecoach last year and we’re so happy they asked us back. It’s cool to see our name on the post with so many of our favorites and legends. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing Florida Georgia Line, Garth Brooks, and Kenny Rogers.

As you will be in California- are you hoping to get to Disneyland?

Dawson: We love Disneyland! That would be awesome.

What advice would you give youngsters who are hoping to have a career in music?

Emma: Keep up with your dream and work hard!

What are TR hoping to achieve next?

Maddie: We’re excited to do more touring. Hopefully we’ll be out on the road more next year.

Tell us a little bit about Temecula the place

Dawson: Temecula is really pretty. The weather is almost always perfect. It’s not too far from the beach, either. You should visit!

What is your favourite Disney film?

Maddie: Frozen!
Dawson: Definitely Cars.
Emma: I love Cars, too.

If you could play any Disney character in a live adaptation- who would it be?

Maddie: Olaf!
Dawson: Mater.
Emma: I was going to say Mater, too!

Your next US single is Everything Without You – tell us a bit about that song

Dawson: That song is all about when you would rather do absolutely nothing with someone you live than do everything without them. It’s definitely a more emotional one and it’s one of our favourites.

What music are you listening to right now?

Dawson: I’m on a 90s R&B kick right now, actually. Also listening to a lot of Sam Hunt since I just saw his show. It was incredible.

Maddie: I love Maren Morris. Her record is one of my favourites. Also really like the new Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion albums.

Emma: I always have Dan + Shay on. Their voices and songs are incredible.

What do you do to relax during a tour?

Dawson: I try to get a good meal and sleep!
Maddie: I like to watch movies.
Emma: Sleep!

Who takes the longest to get ready before a show ?

Maddie: Dawson!
Emma: Dawson!
Dawson: I would say the girls, but I’ll take it.

Do you have any tour rituals?

Dawson: Doing my vocal warmups and drinking throat coat tea before every show.

Maddie: We like to say a prayer before going on, too.

Have you ever had anything embarrassing happen during a show?

Maddie: We did a cover of “Before He Cheats,” which is a song I’ve heard a million times, and I couldn’t remember the words at all! I had to stop and look them up on my phone. It was pretty embarrassing.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your U.K. fans?

Dawson: We love you all so much! We always see you commenting and it’s so much fun to go over there and play for you all in person.

Thanks for doing this interview guys, I am so happy to see you next month at the daytime hub

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