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Stephanie Quayle – Love The Way You See Me – Album Review

Stephanie Quayle is the type of artist who reminds me of why it is that I love country music so much. Her debut single off the album Drinking With Dolly was my introduction to her and has become one of my favourite country songs of all time – that song has so much to love about it with its traditional stylings blended with a modern sound and feel good, ‘power to country female singers’ lyrics and catchy, joyful melody.

Stephanie is one of the nicest women in country music and a great representation to why this genre is so wonderful. Stephanie has a beautiful, authentic and passionate voice and you feel every word that she sings in every song.

Love The Way You See Me is one of the most refreshingly good albums that I have heard in a while – I have mentioned in previous reviews how the industry seems to be lacking that good ole country style as everything seems to be pop infused but Stephanie has certainly brought that style back. Stephanie is country music, there is no sugar coating it, no cross over, she’s the real deal. The vocals, lyrics and instrumentation to this album are irresistibly good and I find myself appreciating every note.

The second single off the album Winnebago is also a very notable song – it is an up beat, fun-lovin’ summer anthem, road song with catchy fun to sing – a – long to lyrics and an infectious melody. This song is a delight to crank up loud in the car and sing obnoxiously loud to or dance like crazy in your living room.

A favourite for me off the album is SelfishSelfish shows off Stephanie’s vocals to a whole new level, showcasing a stunning tone and vocal riffs that I did not know she had. Selfish is one of those songs that really gets to you and makes you really listen to it. The song is a soulful, country ballad with elements of Jazz and Blues.

There ares some other stunning heart felt country ballads on the album such as the emotional and female empowering Ugly written by Nicolle Galyon and Audra May – this piano driven track is a song where the lyrics jump out and hit you as the lyrics are so engaging, powerful, painful, relatable, passionate and inspiring. The melody is delicate and sends chills down your spine because it is so enchanting.

Other strong ballads on the album include the captivating song Post It, relatable Shoe Box and motivational Days Like These.

Second Thoughts is a gorgeous duet with label mate and friend Lucas Hoge who is a fantastic country artist in his own right. Lucas has a wonderful country styled voice that fits perfectly with Stephanie’s, together they produce a remarkable sound and this song is truly beautiful with a striking anthemic feel.

Stephanie won’t be leaving my playlist anytime soon and I just hope that everybody gets on board and supports her music as she is a true star and such a wonderful inspiration and role model. I would love to see Stephanie live one day – hopefully UK is on the cards soon. As well as purchasing her music, please follow Stephanie on all socials as she is a blast.

Love the Way You See Me by Stephanie Quayle

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