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Days Are Done – Closer – EP – Review

What a lovely, peaceful start to an EP that I had no idea what to expect from – just what I needed on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Days Are Done are a UK Folk duo who have just released their debut EP Closer.

The EP starts with On My Mind and I became lost within its enchanting melody from the first note. Sometimes you just want to listen to music that is just beautiful and Days Are Done are exactly that, beautiful. On My Mind is such a sweet, charming and delightful song with natural, pure vocals from Emmy and Adam.

Never Let You Go is a bit more upbeat and very folk driven with such an fun, infectious chorus which gets your foot tapping. Adam and Emmy both have strong vocals which fit together in a truly stunning and mesmerising way.

Colours has a strong Civil Wars element to it but it also really reminds me of the songs that Scarlett and Gunnar would sing in the TV show Nashville – I can really imagine this song being in the show, producers, please check this song out! It has such a haunting and hypnotic melody with a cold breezy folk style which is very sleepy in a good way.

You is the last track off the EP and has a sunny, cheery, inspirational melody and lyrics. This is the kind of song I would expect to close a show as is just so anthemic.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this EP and will certainly be looking out for music in the future. If you are a lover if Folk music then this duo should be right up your street.

Closer – EP by Days Are Done

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