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The Smoke Haus have added country to their playlist just for you and you can control what is played.

The Smoke Haus are an American themed restaurant offering some of the best American barbecue styled food in Birmingham, Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t the kind of barbecue you cook at home. Our menu is rooted in the traditions of good old American barbecue from way down in the South. There, they lovingly slow-cook the meat over a real wood fire. Why? For the smoke. The smoke from the burning wood is the essential ingredient. It infuses the meat with its tone and flavour to create the rich, deep and distinctive smoky taste that makes their, and our, barbecue so authentically sumptuous. Sauce is optional, smoke isn’t.” –

With their Birmingham restaurant being extremely close to The Barclaycard Arena and not too far from other music venues – The Smoke Haus is quite possibly the perfect choice to make your country music night start even earlier. If the food isn’t tempting enough, The Smoke Haus have this week started to add a little country to their playlist and guess what? You can control what is played from inside the restaurant or sat at home on your lap top or device. Do we want to get the word of country music to a wider audience? You’re dang right we do!

Head on over to right now and check out their delicious menu and why not take a look at their playlist, perhaps even request a song? If you are headed to a country music gig, make the most of your experience and have the rare opportunity of hearing country music where you eat. Click the link below and have a scroll through their list, select a song and it will go in the queue to be played just like a traditional juke box.

Current country playlist with more to come….

Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow
Big and Rich – Save A Horse ( Ride A Cowboy)
Chris Janson – Buy Me A Boat
Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel
Florida Georgia Line – Cruise
Florida Georgia Line – Round Here
Hunter Hayes – I Want Crazy
Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

We plan on having more country added to the list so do let us know who you wish to see on the list and we will do our best.

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