C2C Festival 2017

Interview: Chatting with Temecula Road about C2C Festival, Music, Disney and which one of them is the class clown.

Interview by Hannah Compton

For those who are familiar with this website will known that I am a big supporter of Temecula Road and have featured them a fair bit in the last few months.

Newly signed Country Trio to Disney (Hollywood Records), Temecula Road have been extremely busy. They have been everywhere promoting their debut single What If I Kissed You, playing various festivals including C2C Festival in the UK and attending The Radio Disney Awards as nominees for Radio Disney Country Best New Artist against Maren Morris, Lauren Alaina, Old Dominion and Rae Lynn.

As previously mentioned, Temecula Road visited the UK to be part of Europe’s Largest Country Musical Festival – C2C. I caught up with them for a quick chat.

Maddie, Emma and Dawson who make up Temecula Road were the sweetest and must humble people I have ever had the privilege to interview. As soon as I arrived Dawson leapt up from his chair to greet me with open arms and the girls, slightly more shy were incredibly sweet and very polite. All three were enthusiastic and I think that the girls will agree with me that Dawson is the talker of the group ha-ha!

For such young musicians, these three are really ahead of their time, completely focused and wonderful role models. I just wish we could have spoken for longer, but there is always next time.

I hope you enjoy our chat!

Hi guys, how are you? Welcome to the UK; how has your trip been so far?

Dawson – It’s been amazing. It’s been great to go and site see all over the city. We got a GoPro and got some footage; it’s been awesome – it’s a beautiful city.

Yes, and you were of course doing the C2C take over for the Instagram? Where did you visit?

Girls – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace.

Dawson – We literally just took a bus tour and drove all over the city and got to see all the cool buildings. We didn’t want to show too much of the buildings though, because everybody lives here and they know the places, they have been here before. We didn’t wanna be like, ‘Hey guys, check this out’ and people be like ‘Yeah, we know that, ha!’, but we were just so excited.
I am so excited that you are here in the UK and as part of C2C festival. How excited are you and how did you feel when you first heard you were coming over to see us? How was the news presented to you?

All – We had known about it for a couple of months.

Dawson -When we found out, we were ecstatic about it; we could have not been more excited.

Emma –We had to get our passports and stuff, as it’s our first time abroad.


Dawson – I know!

That’s amazing – and not a bad place to go for your first time abroad.

Emma – I know.

Dawson – Are you kidding me? It’s the best place to go.

Emma – Long flight, but it was worth it.

Dawson – Oh, my gosh, totally worth it.

So, tell us a little bit about yourselves; how you met, how long you have been together and why the name Temecula Road?

Emma – Well, Maddie and I are sisters, so our dad actually thought of the name. He said “There should be roots in the band” and we totally agree with him and we love it.

Dawson – I am from North Carolina originally, so I grew up listening to Country music like the girls did, so when we came together after I moved to California it just worked, because we all loved the genre; it seemed natural to do it.

So Temecula is a town, right?

Dawson – Yes! It’s in Southern California, between San Diego and Los Angeles, if you are familiar with the area.

I am not, ha ha!

You are doing two sets today. Are you excited? Nervous? What can we expect from your sets? Any mash ups?

Dawson – We are so excited. I think the set list is looking to be just some originals and some covers, but the mash up side is also so much fun.

Will you be catching any sets this weekend? If so, who are you looking forward to seeing? I have seen pictures that you have already bumped into Dan + Shay.

All – Yes!

Emma – Dan, we met Dan.

Dawson – Yes, and hopefully we will see them both; we are going to see them play in the main arena.

Maddie – I am excited to see Maren Morris – and we saw Chris Young last night.

Dawson – We are excited to see Reba too. We have never seen Reba; I have heard that she is incredible.

Yes, I can’t wait for her either – she is Reba, after all.

You have been on some exciting tours with artists such as Martina McBride, Kenny Rogers and Jessie James Dekker – what have those tours been like for you and how were their audiences?

Emma – It’s weird because, when we were on tour with Martina and Kenny, their demographic is older than ours, because we are so young, and it’s crazy to see how much their interaction was with us, and how much they liked us.

Dawson – Yeah, they have taken to us really well and accepted us really well. It’s a cool feeling knowing that you can please a lot of different groups of fans.

Well you will definitely find that you will please the audiences here; we love music and we are such a diverse age group. I was talking with Maddie and Tae a while back and they said what they found here is how many older fans resonate with their music in comparison to the US, which tends to be a much younger fan base. You will find that here, you will attract fans of all ages, who simply appreciate the music; a great song, a great performance.

Dawson – That’s amazing, I am excited to see.

You are signed with Disney, which is pretty cool. How did that signing come to be and how does it feel to be part of such a huge organisation?

2016 Radio Disney Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater – Arrivals
Featuring: Temecula Road
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 30 Apr 2016
Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

Dawson – It’s really, really cool. When we first met with them a year and a half ago, we knew almost right away what was going to happen, as they were really helping us with things, helping develop us even before we were signed, so it fit really, really well. They have been amazing to us.

Have you been to Disneyland yet? Do you get free season passes? If not, you should!

Emma – I know, right haha!

Maddie – Not yet.

Emma – Haha, noooo!

Dawson – They have taken us around but not given us full year round passes – but we do get to go, ha!

How did it feel to be nominated for a Radio Disney award?

Dawson – It’s crazy that we have been nominated alongside names like Maren Morris, Rae Lynn, Lauren Alaina and Old Dominion; we never would have thought that would happen.

Well, it’s great and well deserved – and you have my vote!

All – Thank you!

You recently released your single, What If I Kissed You, which I love, and it has been doing really well. How was the song pitched to you and how did you feel when you first heard it?

Dawson – The label sent it over and right from the start, we all really connected with it.

Emma – We wanted to release this one really because it was the one we related to mostly. We wanted our fans to understand our feelings and kind of our live experiences, so that’s why we chose this song.

It is a great song and everyone in the UK Country fan base loves it and is excited to see artists who so far have released only one song. Since you were announced, people have been going crazy. It must be amazing to know that? I mean you could easily sell out a tour over here already.

Maddie – It’s awesome.

Dawson – We can’t believe it; amazing that people know who we are.

Will we ever hear a countrified Disney mash up?

Emma – Oh yes, that’s a good one!

Maddie –It definitely has to happen.

Dawson – Yes! That would be cool.

I think you guys should have your own TV show. You already have the name and the talent. Temecula Road would be the perfect title for a show. You also have a great story to put out there.

All laugh

Dawson – Thank you.

Are you guys working on an album yet?

Emma – We aren’t at the moment, but within this year we will hopefully be working on one; we don’t know the game plan yet.

Dawson -Yeah, we are constantly writing and what not, so it just depends if we are going to put out an EP or an album, so we are kind of playing it by ear- but you will definitely hear some new music soon.

Oh good!

So, I believe you are still in education?

Emma – Yes, we go to an online school.

Oh, ok – what do your fellow students/ friends think of you being in a band – and has it changed your school lifestyle at all? Anyone treating you differently?

Dawson – Yeah, little bit.

Emma – I think it gets hard for us girls, just because with girls there is a lot more drama. We have lost a lot more friends than he has but now, since we are actually on the verge of getting somewhere, they want to be our friends again. It’s funny how it all works out.

Yes, we are a bit of a jealous gender, haha!

Emma and Maddie – We are, haha, it’s true.

Dawson – It’s funny because, in the beginning, this is a very odd thing to be doing, as a lot of people don’t necessarily go into music and try to make a career.

Emma – At sixteen.

Dawson – Yeah, so some people were kind of against it, but then after they saw that we were really working hard and actually doing it, making it a career option, they were all like, ‘OK, we kind of understand now’.

I think it is a lot more acceptable these days. Taylor Swift is a great example of someone who was at school and having a music career at the same time. Of course the best songs come from life experiences so if anyone gives you grief, write about them – haha!

Emma –Totally. Haha!

Tell us something a little interesting about the others that we may not know? Pet hates? Weird habits? Guilty pleasures? Anything.

Emma – That’s a good one. Well, Maddie is obsessed with Goldendoodle, the dog breed,

Maddie – It’s a golden retriever and a poodle mix

Oh, wow!

Maddie –They are amazing.

Have you got one?

Maddie – No.

Dawson – She really wants one and everyone’s saying no, because they already have dogs.

Emma – Yep, haha!

Emma – I don’t know what I would say for you, Dawson.

Maddie – He’s loud!

Emma – He’s loud, I’ll say that, haha!

Dawson – Someone in a previous interview asked who was the group clown; that’s me. You guys can start saying that now, haha! He is like the class clown but for this group, haha!

And what about for Emma?

Dawson – I would say….

Maddie – She is very independent.

Dawson – Hmm, yeah – she loves to cook; she has been into baking recently, baking cookies for everybody.

Emma – Yes, I shove food in everybody’s mouths, haha, like ‘Try this, try this!’

Dawson – Yeah, she is always like ‘Eat this, eat this!’, haha.

Most Important question: have you had your fish and chips yet?

Maddie – Yes we have, i tried a bite.

Dawson – I need fish; I need to try it – I love fish and chips.

Thank you for chatting, I am so excited to see your set.

All – Thank you!

Dawson – So great to finally meet you!

You, too.

What If I Kissed You – Single by Temecula Road

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