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Lisa Wright – Wednesday’s Child – EP Review

By Hannah Compton

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Lisa Wright’s name has been circulating the UK country scene for a while now. Fans and friends of hers have been raving about her music and her live shows almost daily and my timeline on social media has often been lighting up with her name.

Despite all the praise, I hadn’t managed to catch her live yet or even sit down and listen to her music at this point. It was one of the times where I intended to but just hadn’t got round to it yet. It was only when The Shires’ Ben Earle wrote a few songs and distributed them to other artists when I finally heard Lisa for the first time – not as a solo artist but as part of UK trio Dahlia with whom she is no longer a part of as is concentrating on solo material. Four songs were released via Decca for Dahlia, Dexeter, Liv Austen and Megan O’Neill. Each song was fantastic but it was Only Human by Dahlia that stood out the most and Lisa’s vocals that really stopped me in my tracks. I remember thinking WOW! So THIS is what I have been missing.

When Lisa sent me her EP Wednesday’s Child to review I was honoured, excited and eager to listen. Within the first thirty seconds all I could think of is “Why is this woman not one of the most successful singers in the UK?” but hey, there is still time and she no doubt has a lot more music to come.

The EP starts with the buzzing, fun – lovin, up beat, hand clapping Rising Strong that has a Nashville sound all over it with its incredibly infectious strong country sound to it. I can hear it being blasted out of all the broadway bars and honky tonks. Lisa sings this song with an inspiring ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude and sass that takes me back to an early Miranda Lambert.

We are then treated with the stunning piano driven, powerful, hard hitting ballad In The End. This song has a folk country sound to it with a slight misty, haunting feel to it which is absolutely breathtaking. It was actually the first track I heard since dropbox shuffled the songs. So as I mentioned above, it was the first thirty seconds of this song that had me, sold me and made me a fan. It is one of those songs where silence is needed to appreciate every aspect of the song.

Why Would I Wanna – a song that sounds like it belongs on a Cam album. A very current song that easily fits in todays US country music mainstream market. Her vocal run on this song is gorgeous and a style that only comes naturally, a talent that cannot be taught.

Waiting For The Rain – a very melodious song that with the harmonised vocals has an element of The Indigo Girls in the song. What I love about this song and this EP in fact is the attention to detail both vocally and instrumentally.

This EP is so well crafted that she reminds me of artists such as Sarah McLaughlin, Heather Nova, Vanessa Carlton, Cam and Jasmine Rae, especially in Jasmine’s cover of If He Calls.

Lisa is without a doubt an artist to watch. She has a very soulful, cordial, real life way about her writing and produces a sound that is truly admired and not often heard anymore in todays market.

Lisa has a stunning vocal range which is decorative, flourishing and very melodic in an ornamental, melismatic style.

I for one, cannot wait to hear more from Lisa and to follow her career and witness what I hope to be an exciting and highly successful journey.

Wednesday’s Child is out Friday April 21st and can be pre ordered below

Wednesday’s Child – EP by Lisa Wright


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