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Colin Hay – Fierce Mercy – Album Review

Colin Hay is a Scottish born, Australian musician who was the lead singer of the band Men At Work. Colin has been releasing solo material for a number of years and returns this year with his album Fierce Mercy.

Colin Hay reminds me of my childhood and the type of music that my dad would play such as Mike and The Mechanics, Peter Sarstedt and Bryan Ferry which is pretty much the reason why I love music so much. My dad had great taste and I just love hearing music released today that has even a slight hint of the music back then. One of those bands were in fact Men At Work who Colin was the singer of which makes sense.

The entire album is well written, well produced and full of wonderful, easy listening, lovely songs that are rich, strong and mature.

The album kicks off with a really up beat, feel good, entertaining start. With it being a sunny day today, this music really sets the mood and has made me feel even more chirpier than I was – which is funny seeing as the song is called Come Tumblin’ Down but it’s the use of instrumentation and the up beat melody that give it that happier feel.

The general vibe of the album is of a feel good, get up and go vibe with some really emotional and heart rendering moments. I enjoyed all the songs greatly but if I had to list favourites, so far they would be;

The above mentioned Come Tumblin’ Down

A Thousand Million Reasons which is a really beautiful, sweet sounding song with a stunning melody and is very orchestral. The lyrics are Inspiring and moving and the song itself is slightly hypnotic and has a moonlight feel to it.

Frozen Fields Of Snow – I love the happy, fast paced beat to this song, even though the song itself is slightly mid tempo. The song paints a picture of a really interesting and inspiring story with great detail sonically and lyrically. I love the way Colin sings in this song because it is like he is telling a story much like a musical but without the theatrics. Its is simply just a gorgeous track.

The Last To Know – this song has the album title within its lyrics which was really interesting to discover. Another nice mid tempo song with an exciting sixties rock style melody.

I’m Going To Get You Stoned – a slight rock ballad with a Jazzy feel which is really relaxing and nice to listen to over and over again.

I’m Walking Here – the most surprising song off the album with the addition of the rap from Deploi and Swift. It is a great song but with a tragic tale behind it. The powerful line I’m Just Walking Here has more of an important message than you would think and the video link below shows a short insight to the songs meaning which is really interesting and brings the song to a whole new level upon its second listen. The song has a reggae feel to it much like the Men At Work song Land From Down Under. I really like it.

Two Friends – a really sad song with painful story telling lyrics about two friends who passed within days of each other. The melody is very chilling and melancholic making the song beautifully tragic. The chorus has an optimistic energy about it and is so wonderfully inspiring and emotional. Beautiful song.

She Was The Love Of Mine – a folk style song with a beautiful use of brass instruments. The song is very dreamy and hypnotic with a lullaby element to the melody which is really stunning and rather poetic.

Fierce Mercy is one of those motivational albums that I would play loudly in the house when getting ready to host guests or just to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or evening and also a great album for the car or in fact anywhere. As I previously mentioned, it is a feel good, get up and go album and is refreshing with its old soul, mature stylings and wonderful use of instruments and well written lyrics. Colin has the ability to truly capture a moment in life and translate it beautifully to music. He writes music in a way I thought was lost and so glad he brought it back to life and back to my stereo and yes stereo as music sounds so much better the older ways before the ways of downloading.

It is an album for Men At Work fans and beyond as I feel it will reach a wide variety of audiences and lovers of music in general. If you appreciate hard work in an album, well written music and lyrics then please give this album a go.

You can download Fierce Mercy here

Fierce Mercy by Colin Hay



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