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Introducing Terry McBride and his EP Hotels & Highways

By Hannah Compton

Terry McBride is no stranger to the Country Music industry. Moving to Nashville in 1989 from Texas, Terry’s songwriting talents caught the attention of MCA President Tony Brown who signed Terry to the label with his band and were known as McBride and The Ride. The band recorded four albums via the label and released several top five singles over the next few years including Sacred Ground a number one single in 1992. Terry also recieved Two BMI Million Airplay Awards for his writing credits on Just One Night and Going Out Of My Mind. McBride and The Ride received CMA and ACM nominations for Vocal Group Of The Year before disbanding in 1995.

However, Terry’s music career did not end there. Terry became one of most sought after songwriters who was responsible for a huge part of the 90’s Country Music sound and the current sound that helped shape the way for many artists. His songs were recorded by artists such as Garth Brooks, George Strait, Reba McIntyre, Ronnie Dunn, Kix Brooks, Alan Jackson, Easton Corbin, Kenny Rogers, John Anderson, Chase Bryant, Josh Dorr, Clare Dunn, Ricky Van Sheldon and many others.

In 2004, Terry co-wrote American Idol finalist Josh Gracin’s top five single Stay With Me/Brass Bed. This was followed by Terry Co-writing Play Something Country with Ronnie Dunn which we all know and love and it became the fastest rising single of Brooks and Dunn’s career and was also the final #1 song for the award winning duo. Terry has had over 25 songs recorded by Brooks and Dunn over their career which has led to 13 singles and 12 BMI Million Air Awards.

Terry is back this year as a solo artist releasing his EP Hotels and Highways. If you love the more traditional side of modern country, the typical Nashville sound, and all the songs and artists mentioned above, then Terry McBride should be the artist for you. Even if you are relatively new to country music Terry’s music should appeal to you.

The moment I head his music I was taken back to my first ever trip To Nashville and the memory of why I came to love country music in the first place. Before even  discovering the calibre of artists Terry had written for, I would have said that he had an element of those artists style within his music but now that I know he wrote for them, it all makes sense.

When I listen to this EP, I think of Summer, I think of driving in my car, the windows rolled down and music blaring from the car stereo and having a great day ahead of me, whether that be in Nashville or Gloucestershire UK.

His music is exciting, energetic, current, traditional, well written and stylistic with truly beautiful instrumentation throughout the EP which is rather refreshing as many modern country acts seem to lack many of the instruments that make country music feel country.

The EP kicks off with a really great start in the song California which gives a great feel of what to expect from the rest of the EP. California is a song that I can definitely hear being played on country radio a lot and hope that it does. It has a soulful southern sound with a nice mid tempo beat and is a song that you just love to listen to.

Boots Off has a lovely Jazzy/Blues start with a really infectious riff and beat. Another potential country radio hit, Boots Off makes you want to get up and dance with a special someone.

Worth A Shot is one of the most traditional sounding tracks off the EP. It has so much energy to it and is wonderful catchy and instantly memorable. This song makes you want to dance even more than the last but not just with a partner, but alone, with friends drinking whilst screaming out the lyrics or just simply dancing around with anyone. It is such a fun vibed song that lifts your mood and makes you want to hear more.

Way Back Track is a song I can really hear being cut by some of todays current artists such as Luke Bryan which proves that Terry McBride is a truly relevant artists and belongs in the current country music market. There is a reason why country music is one of very few genres where artists can have a lifetime career and their music never becomes outdated and Terry is a prime example of that.

The EP ends with the stunning song In The Night Time which is a beautiful mid tempo ballad with a beautiful melody that is truly emotive and slightly meloncholic. The lyrics really pull at your heartstrings as are painfully relatable and they grab your attention and make you really listen. Terry’s vocals in this song are really emotional, honest and passionate and you can feel every word that he sings. This is the kind of song that would suit both female and male vocals as is a really gorgeous song that is what country music is all about, truth telling, story telling and realistic.

I highly recommend Terry McBride’s EP Hotels and Highways to any new or old country fan and I for one will be looking into his back catalogue now that I have heard this.

You can download Hotels and Highways below at just £2.99 which is a steal

Hotels & Highways – EP by Terry McBride



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