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Zack Dyer – Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series Volume One – Review


Zack Dyer is a singer-songwriter from Minnesota. He moved to Nashville in 2015 to pursue a full-time music career. Since moving to Tennessee, Dyer has spent time writing new songs, and performing at songwriters events across the state. Also in 2015, Dyer was invited to perform for an NRA Country event in Nashville, and has continued to build a name for himself with his authentic lyrics, and easy-going melodies.

Zach signed with Silverado Records last year, a new independent Country Music record label based in Nashville Tennessee. As an Independent label, they wish for artists to be themselves and for music to rule the day.


Silverado Records announced last year, a new audio series project to be titled the Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series, featuring recorded tracks from Country music songwriters. The series pays homage to the immense and diverse songwriting culture prevalent in Nashville and Country music as a whole. The first featured songwriter on the series is Zack Dyer.

Earlier this year Zack released Silverado Signature Songwriter’s Series Volume One. I have been listening to it non-stop and urge you to give it a listen.


Zack Dyer has fast become one of my favourite male country singers – he belongs up there with some of the biggest names in country music and I really hope he gets there. Where a lot of male country singers these days seem to have taken a more pop route which in my opinion, doesn’t work for most of them, Zack has stuck to the best part of modern country sound with a blend of traditional. He has that Nashville sound from ten years ago that got me into country music in the first place.

The entire EP is simply lovely to listen to. Every track is well written both lyrically and sonically. It’s easy listening, fun to sing a long to, happily tuneful and wonderfully pleasant. Nothing is offensive, over powering or boring. It is one of those albums (EP’s) that you love to drive along to and end up purposefully driving further than you need to just so you can hear it all.

Zack’s voice is naturally perfect, friendly and inviting with a bright, honeyed, mellifluous and charismatic tone. He has a little bit of Jason Mraz to his voice which I love and a little bit of Sean McConnell both vocally and sonically.

All American – starts off the EP. This song has such a great up-beat, feel good melody. Zack’s voice has an infectious, uplifting and cheery sound in this song, so much so that I can hear the smile in his voice as he sings. This song should be a summer anthem this year as it is so deliciously gratifying.

Heartland – a delightful song about that feeling you get from being home after a long time away. A great intro to start and then a very smooth, sweet-toned melody with great rhythmic bass and guitar. This song is perfect for country radio and a song I can imagine being cut by Josh Turner.

P.O.S – the most catchy song off the EP. An undoubtedly crowd pleaser live and very fun-lovin and energetic.

Wishful Drinking – a soulful, mature, down-tempo track. A slightly sorrowful sounding song with a lot of emotion. The melody is beautifully melancholic and shows a more serious side to Zack’s singing and songwriting.

If you like artists such as Charlie Worsham, Sean McConnell and Hunter Hayes, then you should enjoy Zack Dyer. I will certainly have this EP on my playlist for a while and cannot wait to hear more music from him soon.


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