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Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown – The Wayside – EP- Review


By Hannah Compton

I literally stopped what I was doing when I first listened to this cd. I was expecting just another male country singer, I hadn’t done my research first, it happens sometimes but you know what? The element of surprise is in some ways the best way to hear an artist for the first time. I love my music, always have, all genres not just country, so going straight into the first track Criminal Imagination I was overcome with the brilliance of just how good this EP was already and that Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown were not a country band. Sure, they have a bit of southern rock attached to their sound which is why I guess they get marketed as country rock but they offer so much more. They cannot be held down to one genre. They are Alternative Rock, Blues-Rock, a tiny bit of Grunge, Southern Rock and probably more.


It was like a flash back to my younger years when listening to this EP. From the the first track I was hearing Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden ( think Birth Ritual), Faith No More, Mother Love Bone, Temple Of The Dog, Therapy? Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Guns N Roses, AC/DC and so much more in the music and a mix of Mike Patton, Chris Cornell and Billy Corgan in Tylers voice. He does have his own style and sound though, his own edge, these are just examples of ever such slight hints of artists I hear.

All the sounds, styles, vocal stylings mixed with a shot of southern rock caught my attention in a way an artist hasn’t been able to in a long time. I love the rock side of country, probably because rock and grunge is the kind of music I have listened to since I was a kid. There are many great southern rock bands out there of course, one of my favourites being A Thousand Horses who are a great example but I seem to keep missing others so I am so glad to have taken the time to listen to this EP.

img_5138It’s awesome, there is no other way to describe it really. Every track makes me want to head on down to The Astoria, Brixton Academy or somewhere similar and hear this band live, get mixed up in a mosh pit (although too old now) and just let the hell loose and not give a damn. The music, the instrumentation is masterly crafted. There are so many sounds that have been put together so well to create a mind blowing collection of tracks. I am obsessed with the track Loaded Dice and Buried Money. That song is so exciting and hard – hitting with quite a heavy sound which is insanely infectious and like the bands we had in the nineties.

The Devils Keep is the song off the ep that leans more towards a country sound. It has a dark hypnotic feel to it.

Mojo Workin – a cover of the blues song by Muddy Waters. You could easily assume this was an original track. It fits well within the EP and has a slight Lenny Kravitz style to it.

Stitch It Up – A song that I can’t help but imagine would be rock- heavy live. It’s definitely a head banger of a track with great guitar moments. Nice whispery vocal moments that escalate towards the end building up to a more powerful and heavier moment.

The Wayside – a more down to mid tempo track which shows us a different side to Tylers vocals. This is another slightly hypnotic rock track, not quite a rock ballad but close. More Jazzy Blues Rock, great song.

Upon listening to this EP, I realise it’s just one of those moments when you hear an artist and all you need to say is Go Listen! Now! You love rock music? Go get this ep! You love Blues-Rock? Go get this ep! You love good music? Well go get this ep!!! This EP has been out for a while and I have no idea why I waited so long to listen to it.

The only set back is it being short, it’s an EP though so it will be but I can’t wait for a whole new album and am going to make a point to catch up on all the old stuff.

The Wayside – EP by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown


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