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Catherine McGrath – One – EP Review


Catherine McGrath is an Irish Country Music Singer/Songwriter who is only 19 years old. She released her debut EP One on December 23rd 2016 via Warner Bros Records UK.

The four track EP titled One, is heavily Country-Pop which would appeal to both a young and slightly more mature audience. Her music as a whole appears to have a strong Taylor Swift influence but not in a way that she mimicks Taylor. The song writing alone, showcases an individual talent. Sonically, the songs have mostly sweet-sounding melodies with catchy chorus’ and fun, nice, relatable and honest lyrics.

Catherine’s music fits in with artists such as previously mentioned Taylor Swift and other pop country artists like Dan + Shay and Lauren Alaina.

The first track off the EP – Hell Would Have To Freeze Over has an infectious melody and chorus which is a great start to the EP and makes you want to listen to the rest of the EP. It is fun, up-beat and is a song that would sound great acoustically and heavily produced.

Cinderella is a nice Ballad which out of all the tracks, screams Taylor Swift the most. I do like this song but  feel it is too similar to Taylor Swift vocally and sonically but then again, that is not a bad thing. Credit where it is deserved though, the song has a lot to offer and is well written and is a nice song with a beautiful melody.

She’ll Never Love You – a heartbreaking track which will be relatable to anyone who has had a hard break up and a hard time accepting the love of your life being with someone new. This track has sad, heart rendering lyrics with an equally emotional melody that makes you want to cry.

Say You Love Me – probably my favourite track off the EP and the most mature sounding song out of all the tracks and hopefully the direction in which Catherine will lean more towards. Catherine’s voice really stands out in this track showcasing a lot more of her vocal and songwriting abilities and she hits difficult notes and has a very stunning , difficult to accomplish tone on some lines.

Catherine has a gorgeous, natural and flawless voice that fits country pop music well. She has the kind of voice that is addictive to listen to and can possibly take many directions. I for one am very interested in how far her voice can travel and would love to listen to more of her music as I feel she has the ability to sing almost anything and do it justice.

Overall, this is a charming and sweet EP which is worth getting and is a wonderful start to what I believe will be a promising career for Catherine and I feel she will capture a large fan base fast, especially during her tour with Una Healy in February.

Catherine will be supporting Una Healy on her two date headline shows in London and Ireland. This will be a great chance to see two emerging female artists in UK Country Music.


You can download Catherine’s EP One here;

One – EP by Catherine McGrath


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