Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest Life – Album Review


By Hannah Compton

Courtney is an incredible artist with an array of talent and is quite the unique artist in many ways and is certainly one to watch. Courtney can boast being an artist who was on Rolling Stones list of top albums in Country Music in 2016 and she is praised by many artists from all genres as well as other key members of the industry. Her praise doesn’t even do her justice as she is someone you truly need to seek out for yourself as words can describe an artist but listening is a much deeper and true experience.

Courtney Marie Andrews’ musical stylings are of a strong sound of Folk blended with a fine, soulful sound of Country, Americana and Roots music providing a rare craft that is highly pleasing to the ear. Her voice is almost old soul and combined with her music, she delivers similarities to artists such as Joni Mitchel, however, there is so much individuality in Courtney’s music that the similarities are only very slight.

Courtney is an artist who truly deserves the praise she has gained from critics recently. She had spent so much time as an independent touring artist, working hard to write and release the album she always wanted to, that her success was more than due.

Courtney writes her music from such an honest and almost melancholic angle, giving her songs an emotionally somber twist lyrically but sonically her music has a somewhat uplifting and optimistic tone. Each track on the album is fantastically written and her melodies are unforgettable and artistically genius and each time I hear the album, I hear a little something different that I never noticed the time before. I have already said that each track is fantastic, so picking favourites was a hard task but I must say that upon the first listen of this album the songs that stood out to me were Irene, Rookie Dreaming and title track Honest Life.

If you enjoy artists with a unique gift both vocally and musically and enjoy an artist who is both peaceful and haunting to listen to as well as inspiring then I highly recommend this album.

img_4678Honest Life will be released in the UK January 20th via Loose Music who are the UK home for many great artists of similar status such as Andrew Combs and good friend of Courtney’s Barna Howard, Grammy nominee Sturgill Simpson and The Handsome Family.

Courtney will be touring the UK towards the end of February and March. She will be joining fellow label buddies The Handsome Family as well as some headline shows.

You can pre order Honest Life here:

Honest Life by Courtney Marie Andrews

You can purchase tickets and find info for Courtneys UK shows here:

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