A Silverado Family Christmas – Compilation Album – Review

A Silverado Family Christmas – Compilation Album


Independent label Silverado Records, hopes to fill the homes of country fans with the joyful music of their project this holiday season: ‘A Silverado Family Christmas’ is out now via digital stores (Itunes/Spotify/etc) and features two brand new singles:

Zack Dyer – Snow Day

Joe Diffie – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

The seasonal album is a compilation of Silverado Records’ talented recording artists and singer- songwriters: Joe Diffie, Melissa Mickelson and Zack Dyer along with close friends of the label, including Crystal Yates Mandy McMillan, Tony Winkler and Gabe Burdulis.

Produced and recorded at Simon Reid Music, with one track from Will Yates Music, the record boasts several great holiday classics, like Joe Diffie’s instantly memorable take on I’ll Be Home For Christmas and Mandy McMillan’s inspired version of Let It Snow, in addition to special Christmas originals. Zack Dyer’s Snow Day is an upbeat reflection of days lost to inclement weather, and Crystal Yates’ Christmas Time For Just You And Me is a ‘smokin’ hot holiday love song.

We wanted to be bring our Silverado family together and celebrate all the things we love about the holidays” said Silverado Records Marketing Director Heather Cramsie.This album is a great balance of originals, and Christmas classics. We’re excited to share this fun project with country music fans

Zack Dyer – Snow Day – Zack brings us an original Christmas song which is always a nice thing to hear at Christmas. It was only yesterday that I was having a discussion with a friend about the lack of original christmas songs nowadays but you can always rely on the country music genre to release one or two and this Zack Dyer track is one that certainly should not be ignored.

Zack has similar stylings to Jason Mraz and brings a really nice memorable jingle just in time for Christmas. It has a nice mixture of Reggae and Winter, making Christmas and snow days not feel so cold but then again, it isn’t cold at Christmas everywhere around the world.

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed Snow in the way I did when I was a kid but Zack makes me want it to snow this year. This song certainly puts you in a happy, Jolly, Merry mood and it is so upbeat and fun, I can picture families dancing around the Christmas Tree to it or opening their gifts, cooking their Christmas dinner whilst toe tapping and singing along. I, for one will be blasting it out of the cd player, yes cd player ha! I was born in the 80’s after all.

Joe Diffie – I’ll Be Home For Christmas– a wonderful cover of the original classic. Joe Diffie has a voice very fitting for Christmas with his Deep and Crisp and Even vocal. This song has a lovely Country Jazz melody provided by the wonderful instruments used. This song makes me want to snuggle with the family on the couch with a nice warm drink whilst stuffing my face with chocolate and playing board games or opening gifts.

Mandy McMillan – Let It Snow – I love Christmas songs countrified and Mandy certainly does not disappoint in that area. She has such a welcoming, strong and beautiful voice and makes this song very current.

Melissa Mikelson – The Christmas Song – another beautiful cover. Melissa has such an emotional and passionate voice and I really feel every word in this song. This track also has a nice country/Jazz style to it with a lovely piano accompaniment. With this being such a classic and a very well done version of it, it has put in a Christmas movie mood. I find myself wanting to dig out Home Alone and sit on the couch and watch it, is it too early? Never!

Gabe Burdulis – I’m looking for Christmas This Year – another original track written by Gabe. It is a very lovely song with a traditional country sounding melody. Gabe sings about the memories of Christmases past. It is a very relatable song for those who are now older and have years and years of great family memories and how we look forward to making new memories and miss how Christmas used to make us feel. I wonder if the lyric I am looking in the mirror is almost as if he is saying looking in the mirror to the past? The lyrics also indicate he is waiting for a loved one or is it Santa? I like to think Santa haha! And his lyrics also make me feel he wants to be a kid again for that one day just like many of us do.

Tony Winkler – Blue Christmas – most famously performed by Elvis – Tony Winkler brings us a very nice version that he makes his own. I find this version less depressing than other versions and the country element gives it that little bit more. Tony makes it sound very current and his voice is very strong and southern sounding giving it that traditional country feel.

Crystal Yates – Christmas Time For Just You And Me – a very nice original with that very old, vinyl recording sound to it. Crystal has a very mature yet modern sounding voice that has a wide range with a stunning tone. The piano accompaniment places me in the audience of a Jazz bar with Crystal singing next to a grand piano in a black and white movie.

This is the perfect soundtrack to Christmas and is a great compilation to play whilst entertaining the family or guests. Crank it up loud, sing along, cook the Christmas dinner, open all your presents or just sit back, relax and have a jolly holiday as this album is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit.

About Zack Dyer

Artist: Zack Dyer
Instagram: @zackdyer
Twitter: @zackdyer
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Zack Dyer is the first artist to be featured on the Silverado Records Signature Songwriter’s Series. As a Nashville based songwriter, Zack has been building a slow but steady buzz for his heartfelt lyrics and easy-going melodies. His positive energy and approach to music is infectious, and shows through everything he touches.

About Joe Diffie

Artist: Joe Diffie
Instagram: @OfficialJoeDiffie
Twitter: @JoeDiffieOnline
Web: http://www.joediffie.com

With twelve number one hits to his name, and fans across all corners of Country Music, Joe Diffie almost needs no introduction. With chart-toppers like “Pickup Man,” “Third Rock from the Sun,” and “John Deere Green,” and 13 albums and over 20 Top 10 singles to his credit, Joe has little to prove at this point in his career, yet he still has a fire in his belly to make good country music. A renowned songwriter in his own right, Joe has hits for artists like Tim McGraw, Conway Twitty, and Jo Dee Messina to his credit. An ACM and Grammy Award winner, Joe is working on some great new tracks, due in 2017 on Silverado Records.

About Melissa Mickelson

Artist: Melissa Mickelson
Instagram: @MusicMellie
Twitter: @MusicMellie
Web: http://www.melissamickelson.com
Hometown: Altus, OK

Melissa Mickelson has deep musical influences and fondly recalls some of her best family memories being nights hunkered around the LP player, spinning Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson vinyl. Melissa currently resides in the small farming community of Boring, Oregon and has performed her high-energy sets for thousand across the Pacific NW and is known for her smooth, Rock and Blues influenced vocals. She’s currently writing song for a new pr

About Silverado Records

Silverado Records is a brand new Nashville-based Country Music label. Launched in 2016 as a fresh, scrappy new home for both established and rising Country stars, Silverado hopes to crank out great music. Above all else, we want to be a place where our artists can shine, and the music rules the day.

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