Tori Forsyth – Black Bird – Ep Review

imageTori Forsyth in an Australian singer/songwriter. She is one of those artists that should be heard by anyone and everyone as is truly remarkable and fanstatically moody.

Black Bird is country-folk perfection. Tori’ voice is simply breathtaking. She has a very distinctive and striking voice that has a beautifully soulful, Jazzy and raw tone to it which stops you in your tracks.

This entire EP is full of captivating, alluring and wonderfully dark melodies that have a ghostly and eerie element to them. Each song is outstanding and highly engaging and have an old dark folk sound – which in places seems melancholic but in a very enchanting way. Tori has a pure and natural talent for songwriting and writes her lyrics in a delightfully poetic and charismatic style.

I found whilst listening to this ep, that it sets the mood. It is so calming and peaceful and the music is the type of music you wish to just listen to and take in. I can picture an intimate live setting in a dark tinted coffee house or a singer/songwriters bar full of an audience who truly appreciate the music and the lyrics.

This EP kicks off with the country folk Black Bird which starts of a cappella and then goes into an exciting banjo driven melody. The harmonies are very strong and give the song that much more edge to it.


New Wall – this song shows a lovely range to Tori’s voice as it escalates throughout. She makes it seem so easy to create such an enchanting song when of course, it isn’t. This song is so pretty with a heavenly melody. Her lyrics are heart breaking and scarily relatable. The way she expresses her feelings onto paper is bewlidering and inspiring.

July – a very country sounding tune with nice instrumentation. The kind of song I would love to see live at The Ryman or The Opry.

The EP gets a bit more fast paced with the track Johnny and June – which has a nice toe tapping rhythm and a more mid tempo, old country sounding melody.

I cannot imagine anyone wanting to make a sound during the track Cards, it’s one of those tracks where you can hear a pin drop. It has a gracefully haunting melody with just a simple guitar accompaniment which shows that Tori’s vocals carry so much of her songs alone as her voice is almost a melody in itself.

If you appreciate beautiful and well crafted music and stunning, natural vocals then I recommend this EP to you.

You can download Black Bird here ;

Black Bird – EP by Tori Forsyth

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