Tis the season to play A Very Kacey Christmas – Album Review

imageBy Hannah Compton
Two of my favourite things in life are Country Music and Christmas so I can’t think of anything better than classic Christmas songs ‘countrified’ – and even more so that Kacey has original material on this album, too.

Kacey’s Christmas album is the shining star on top of the Christmas tree and she delivers presents early this year in the form of 12 tinsel-sparkling, mistletoe kissin’, Santa-sleighing tunes that would make The Grinch give back Christmas and join in all the festivities!

The classic Christmas songs such as ‘Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas’, ‘Let It Snow’ and ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’, are mixed with that delightful Kacey Texan style that we all love – and her old fashioned voice is even more graceful with a tone that is as sweet as candy canes.

Two of the classic songs feature The Quebe Sisters’ fiddle band – Let It Snow and Mele Kalikimaka (the Hawaiian Christmas Song).

Let It Snow in particular is a stand out cover as Kacey makes this song totally unique with her Country stylings and the addition of The Quebe Sisters provides an old Christmas, swing sound that brings a whole new level to the song.

The original songs are just as deliciously festive with their fireplace snuggling melodies that take you into Kacey’s Country-themed winter wonderland.

A Willie Nice Christmas (Feat. Willie Nelson) – written by Kacey, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne is a fun play-on-words Christmas bundle of joy, with a nice duet from Willie Nelson. Sonically it has a sprinkle of Christmas and a dash of Hawaiian tropic.

Christmas Makes Me Cry – written by Kacey, Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark, is a sad jingle that needs a bit of Kris Kringle to cheer it up. A relatable tale, about missing the ones who can’t be with us at that special time of year. It has a very Christmassy melody, with a wintery feel that makes you want to get a blanket and snuggle by the fire.

Present Without A Bow (feat. Leon Bridges) – written by Kacey, Leon Bridges, Austin Jenkins and Luke Laird. A modern festive song, with a jazzy twist and a nice infectious chorus. Leon Bridges’ voice is so beautifully soulful and perfectly fitting to this song, he is like a modern Bing Crosby and should sing more Christmas songs. I want a whole Christmas album from him.

Ribbons and Bows – written by Kacey, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. A very gleeful upbeat, jolly Jingle that gets you in the Christmas spirit from the start. There is some wonderful saxophone playing throughout the song, giving it that Christmas merriment and cheer.

Kacey may not be pageant material but she is certainly a Christmas angel. She makes me think of old fashioned musicals with those classic voices that barely exist anymore.

It’s only October and I am prancing around the house with my fellow reindeer (son and cats), my Christmas jumper is on, as it’s cold, and already I’m starting to feel ‘merry and bright’.

There are many Country Christmas albums out this year, but I’m dreaming of A Very Kacey Christmas – what are you dreaming of?

A Very Kacey Christmas can be pre ordered now on digital, CD and special edition Vinyl.



Kacey is also touring the album in America and drtails can be found here;




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