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Dan Layus – Dangerous Things – Album Review


Dan Layus is an American singer/songwriter primarily known as the frontman of the critically acclaimed US Roots/Rock band Augustana.

Dan Layus releases his debut solo album Dangerous Things October 21st and has been touring Europe to promote it.

Dan combines Country, Folk, Americana and Roots beautifully in his songs. His vocal stylings are stunning and unique with a eerie/ghostly and fragile tone.

Dan really knows how to capture the reality of life and turn it into truth telling lyrics that are not only moving but very relatable.

The majority of the songs are of down to mid tempo style and all feature fine instruments from traditional country to great use of piano and the string family and as someone who loves the detail of instruments in songs, this album does not disappoint.

Dangerous Things is the track that kicks off the album and is greatly placed. The country twang to the song is in instant draw and the harmonies from The Secret Sisters gives the song more edge. The Secret Sisters feature on a few tracks on the album including the folk-country You Can Have Mine, Only Gets Darker and The Nightbird.

Stand out songs for me are title track Dangerous Things, the painfully beautiful Driveway which is the current single and has simple yet, identifyable lyrics that make the song so easy to connect with and Dans vocals draw an emotional and honest sweet tone. The piano driven Four Rings which has a powerful chorus backed by a choir giving it a passionate energy. Only Gets Darker which has a nice folk feel to it with a dark, slow country tone during the chorus. Fell In Love On A Beach which has a strong country style to it and is quite uplifting in comparison to the rest of the album.

Although the songs are mostly meloncholic, collectively, the entire album is full of mesmerising and captivating, sweet sounding melodies which are somewhat peaceful and haunting and I have no desire to skip a track and urge you to give it a listen.

This is an album for any music lover and Dan Layus is without a doubt an artist to watch.

You can pre order Dangerous Things at a more than reasonable price of £5.99 here; Dangerous Things by Dan Layus




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