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One Crow Sorrow – Something To Value – Album Review


About One Crow Sorrow

One Crow Sorrow are the Welshpool, Mid Wales duo of Tim Guttridge (vocals, guitar, synth) and Barry Williams (vocals, bass, ukulele, banjo, lap steel). They began playing music together in high school in the late-1990s and have been active as a duo for the past three years.

They take their inspiration from a variety of modern and classic country acts, including Ryan Adams, Kacey Musgraves, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, Butch Walker and CSNY, and the 90s pop that they grew up on (regular covers include Peter Andre, Take That and Christina Aguilera).

Something to Value’ is their debut album, and sees the pair split lead vocals between the album’s ten tracks (for reference, Tim takes the lead on the opening track, Barry on the second and third – after that, you should be able to keep track on who sings what!), nine of which were written by themselves, and the other (‘Kid Sister’) by their friend and former bandmate Richard Hogg.

The album was released on Monday, August 15th both as a physical release and online, at a cost of £7.99.

Supporting Country and Folk music closer to home is becoming more common as more artists emerge. The UK Country Music fan base do not stop at supporting signed artists such as The Shires or Ward Thomas but they also go to great lengths to follow and promote many unsigned acts such as Dexeter, Acoustic Journey, Ash Cooper Band, Emma Swindells, Dahlia, Liv Austen and many many more. The one thing I have noticed recently is just how loyal the UK scene is to their local acts and the amount of local festivals and shows that are put on for these artists to perform.

Of course, due to there being so many artists out there now, it is easy for some to fall under the radar. So that prompted me to listen to more UK acts.

I have been sitting down this week listening to One Crow Sorrow. Their music likely caters for more of an older audience I would say, though that is not a bad thing and are the kind of artist that would be great in a live setting and no doubt have a following especially in their hometown.

Sonically they are very old fashioned country with a mix of folk. A lot of effort has gone into this album instrumentally proving they are not amateur musicians and are in fact very talented – as you can see in the bio above, they both play multiple instruments.

Blood Harmony is probably the most stand out track for me. A slow – tempo song with nice guitar work. The song has a sweet sounding melody and a charming chorus.
Dear Someone is another stand out track for me, again, it is a slow-tempo song (I seem to like those ) with a very nice simple, haunting, melody which gives it a melancholic feel.

I also really like Kid Sister. It has a very 90’s vibe to it, kind of like the music I listened too back then such as Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins – but countrified. Again, it is a slow tempo song but almost has a sort of psychedelic twist on it.

The other tracks have more of a mid tempo, rockier sound with Blaze A Trail being the most country sounding song off the album and has a lot of the traditional country instruments featuring throughout the track.

Overall, it is not a bad album. The duo have a talent for songwriting and a good mix of melodies from all ranges of tempos.

It is worth giving One Crow Sorrow a listen, especially if you are a big supporter of UK and local music. Not every artist has to be polished and perfect and I for one will be keeping an eye, well an ear open for more UK acts.

Listen to Something to Value by One Crow Sorrow on @AppleMusic.

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