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Kate Brown – Water From Ashes – EP Review

Kate Brown – Water From Ashes – EP Review


Kate Brown is a Country-Folk Singer/Songwriter originally from Mt.Pleasant, Iowa. Growing up with music in her blood, it was clearly the path Kate was meant to choose. Kate is by no means new to the music world, she has penned songs since the nineties and has released EP’s, singles and full length albums. As well as being busy in the studio, Kate has been busy on the road spending a lot of time touring Coffee Houses, breweries, colleges and festivals and has been involved in many songwriters showcases.

Kate’s music is very refreshing and unique, with a voice that is just a dream to listen to and musical stylings that would have the perfect live setting at The Ryman or an intimate folk/country venue, where you could just close your eyes, tap your feet and enjoy every second. Kate’s voice is raw and mature with so much depth, a lovely tone and a wide range – and in my opinion, holds some similarities to Melissa Etheridge and Margo Timmins (Lead singer of The Cowboy Junkies). There is so much passion and story-telling in Kate’s voice, which is somewhat rare these days, as it’s a talent you are born with and simply cannot be taught.
Water From Ashes is her latest EP and is available now. I have spent the last couple of weeks listening to this EP and have really enjoyed it! Every song is captivating and interesting with lyrics which entice you to listen to every word. The music as a whole is very relaxing, beautiful and really very enjoyable and I recommend you have a listen.

If I could pick a favourite off the EP, I would say it is Damned ‘ol Jesus, closely followed by Troubled Man.

I have reviewed in track listing order.

Cartwheel – Kate’s vocals are incredible in this song which has a powerful chorus and nice up-beat melody.

Damned ‘ol Jesus –This is just a very relaxing, toe-tapping song with lovely raspy vocals and interesting lyrics. I hear an element of The Cowboy Junkies in this song, which instantly takes me back to seeing them at The Royal Albert Hall – somewhere I would love to see Kate perform.

6 Shots – A bit more of an up-tempo tune, with the kind of vocal stylings of Alanis Morissette with her fast paced singing riffs. A fun, loud chorus with her vocal sounding beautifully angry in places.


Come On – A very emotional song which has a powerful choir section towards the end. With just a guitar accompanying Kate’s vocals at the start, this song proves the vocal ability Kate has and how her voice can carry a song just on its own. A bit of Country Blues comes to mind when hearing this song; it is very beautiful.

Troubled Man – I love the use of the accordion in this song and the overall melody. It is such a lovely song with nice lyrics. Don’t you waste your hallelujahs on a troubled man.

Weepin’ – A gospel-styled track, as the lyrics intend, with a slight haunting feel induced by the church organ. The song generates so much emotion and is one of those songs I would love to hear live, in a setting such as a chapel where the vocals could just echo and bounce of the walls.

If you are a fan of Folk Music, Americana and Folk/Country then this is an EP for you! With this music having a more mature folk sound, it does not fit into the modern Country genre – but that’s not a bad thing at all. Good music is good music – and this music is very real, beautiful and easy to listen to.

You can download Water From Ashes here :Listen to Water from Ashes – EP by Kate Brown on @AppleMusic.

by Hannah Compton 3rd August 2016

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