Madeleine – My Inspiration – The Shires

“I sat there in complete silence hardly moving a muscle, frozen, till the song had finished.”


I became a fan of country duo The Shires early 2015. I can’t remember the exact month but it was around about that time. I remember I was listening to a country song on YouTube (country is my favourite genre of music) when I saw down the video suggestions that YouTube lists down the side of the video you’re watching a video called ‘Only Midnight’ by The Shires. I had never heard of The Shires before and I had no idea who they were but I thought the name sounded interesting so I clicked on the video.

The song started playing straight away and after only a few seconds into it I was hooked. The guitar playing at the start was just so beautiful and a lady had started singing. She had the most beautiful voice, and I was completely captivated by the sound it, I hadn’t felt this way about anyone else since I first heard my idol and favourite singer Taylor Swift for the first time on the radio in 2009. Then another person started to sing, this time it was a male. I remember thinking how beautiful this person’s voice was as well. I sat there is complete silence hardly moving a muscle, frozen, till the song had finished.

This video was only a lyrics video so I didn’t know what they looked like at the time or what their names were but I pictured the lady as an angel, because I was convinces she had the voice of one. After the video ended I played a few more song by them and became even more hooked. I watched their music video for their song ‘Friday Night’ and was finally able to see what they looked like. I remember thinking that the video was fun, and that the song was upbeat and catchy and that was why I liked it. I remember thinking how beautiful the lady looked and seeing how happy these people looked in the video made me smile. I then went onto Google to looked up more about the duo and found out that they were from the UK. I couldn’t believe it. I was so use to all country music coming from America. This made extremely happy. I looked up their names and read a bit about them and ever since then I’ve been complete obsessed.

I have high functioning autism which is basically the same as Asperger’s Syndrome which means that I can sometimes get quite obsessed with things but they are not just a random obsession. I think they are just so talented and I love them so much. I have been lucky enough to meet them three times and they are just so lovely and kind. Some singers/bands probably wouldn’t even care if a fan wanted to meet them but they really seem to appreciate their fans. The first time I met them was at C2C in 2015. I got a bit over excited and flung myself at Crissie. I hugged her so tight that I swear I must have crushed ever bone in her body but it was just a bit too over excited. She was so kind though, I told her how much I loved her and told me that she thought I was cute. She let me hug her and she didn’t let go until I did. Hugging Ben was amazing as well. Just like Crissie he’s so lovely and kind. I was stuttering so much and struggling to get words out as I was so nervous and star struck but he was so patient and waited for me to finish saying what I wanted to say.

I’ve seen them live three times. Once at C2C, once at Shephard’s Bush and a third time at their Secret Launch Event in London. I really wanted to see them when they performed at Union Chapel in London but unfortunately they were performing the day I was coming back form holiday. I can’t wait to see them on their tour for their new album ‘My Universe’ and I’m just so excited for the album. I heard a couple of song from that were going to be on their new album at Shephard’s Bush last October and more of their new songs at their launch event and they sound so amazing. The one that Crissie sang about her dad nearly made me cry. It was so sad but beautiful at the same time.

I want to thank them so every Facebook message/Twitter tweet they have liked, replied back to or sent to me. For letting me hug them and for putting up with how much I love them. I hope that when they’re big and famous, when they have millions of fans and their selling out stadiums in just a few minutes that they don’t forget me. It breaks my heart to think that one day they will become so huge that they won’t even remember who I am amongst their thousands of fans. When trying to meet them will be that much harder and I’ll just be another face in the crowd. Crissie won’t remember calling me cute or how tight I use to hug her because I loved her that much. When I met them for the third time on Thursday she held my hand whilst we we’re waiting for the photo to be taken and it just made me feel so special. It makes me so incredibly happy that their success is growing so quickly. They’re becoming so much more well-known and that’s great because the whole world deserves to know who they are, how amazing they are and how great their music is. But even though I know it’s probably selfish, I hope they never forget about me along the way, cos I’ll never forget them.

Madeline also wrote a great poem for The Shires below;

Perfect Fans

One day you’ll be so big, that crowds will scream your name
And loads of fans will hug you, but will it be the same?
They won’t hug as tight, they won’t hold on as long
But will they know the words, to every single song?
And they might know exactly, the right things to say
They may not stutter, or embarrass, themselves in anyway
And they won’t say ‘I love you,’ ten thousand times I’m sure
They’ll be the perfect fans, the one’s you should love more
And I am far from perfect, but I just want to say
I hope you won’t forget me, somewhere along the way

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