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My album of the year so far…Kip Moore – Wild Ones

Kip Moore’s ‘Wild Ones’ album review and why it is so good that it has become my album of the year.


Kip Moore – Wild Ones

By Hannah Compton

May 13th 2016

This album has been out for a while now but I feel it deserves a new review for it to get the attention and recognition it deserves. It is Kip Moore’s follow up album to his debut album, Up All Night, Kip explained that Wild Ones may have not received the same amount of commercial success but has a huge following.

It was during Kip’s set at Country 2 Country festival where I heard some of the tracks from this album for the very first time. The songs were so memorable and so good live that it prompted me to buy this album as soon as it was released and I have never regretted it.

There is not a bad song on the album – no fillers! Should this album be categorised as pure Country? I don’t think so. It has a mix of genres which cross over into Alternative Rock and Southern Rock, with some tracks sounding a lot more on the country side of rock than others – in particular songs such as That Was Us and That’s Alright With Me – with some lyrics you would expect to find in a country song rather than in a typical rock song.

That was Us- ‘Me and Teddy used to burn that old Chevy all the way out to Mary Lee’s’

This album starts you off in a good mood with it’s great opening title track Wild Ones with its slightly ambient instrumental beat. It is almost an anthem, in the same way Simple MindsDon’t You Forget About Me is, especially with its chanting chorus. It is a fist pumping track, much like the ending in The Breakfast Club that Simple Minds is famous for.

Other comparisons outside the country genre, in my opinion, would be Jon Bon Jovi who has a slightly similar voice, although I feel Kips’ voice is much stronger and more ‘masculine’ but they both share that raspy, gravelly, tone that suits rock music so well.

Nothing seems out of place on this album. It is spot on! With a perfect beginning, middle and end. Every song is fantastic, both musically and lyrically. Comeback Kid is more of a ballad and a great song to end on. There are no ‘lazy’ songs on this album. By that I mean it is obvious that Kip and his team have all worked incredibly hard putting their heart and soul into its production. Kip has said that he really fought for this album, as this was where he wanted to go musically. I am so very glad he did fight to maintain his desired direction!

A great range of instruments are put to good use on these songs thus taking it away from what is typical in traditional Country music. I think this helps immensely to keep the album fresh and so different.

I found it hard to select a few ‘stand out’ tracks as they all stand out. However I do have a particular love for;

Heart’s Desire – seeing it live really made a difference and involved some audience participation.

Oooo… oooo. Hey… aaaa, I’m a raging fire, you’re my hearts desire...

Magic – has a very atmospheric, echoing, vibe to the song.

Come and Get it – a very catchy track that I sing along obnoxiously loud to the Chorus and Bridge.

My heart you ain’t gotta steal it
It’s all yours so just come and get it
My heart you ain’t gotta steal it
It’s all yours so just come and get it tonight

Complicated – is a great track overall and again, a fun song to sing along to. I do love the lyrics.

All I know sometimes you love it
Sometimes you hate it
But what good’s love if it ain’t a little complicated
No it don’t always go just like you hoped it would
But sometimes complicated’s pretty damn good

Other tracks on the album are;

What Ya Got On Tonight – this is definitely a song you can dance to and reminds me a bit of Don Henley’s – Boys of Summer as has a similar intro and rhythm.

Lipstick – a fan favourite and is a great track but Not in my top five.

Running For You – I guess Kips version of a power ballad.

Girl Of The Summer – another catchy track. I have heard this song acoustically too and would love to see that version available one day.

I’m To Blame – probably my least favourite track but is still a good song in its own right.

I have heard people refer to Kip as Bro Country – well that’s just insulting, especially when his music is clearly a different class. Bro- Country in my opinion would be Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean and not even sure Bro – country is even relevant anymore?

This is clearly another album that has fallen through the net and not received recognition within the award ceremonies. It deserves to be nominated for album of the year but I guess not getting a lot of play on Country radio doesn’t help.

Is Country radio important? Sure! If you want the success of Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean, but it is not everything. Kip may not get the radio airplay he deserves, but, he has more than enough fans to warrant a more than successful career.

This album has not left my car since I’ve had it. My son was exposed to it when I was pregnant and it was the only music he kicked to. Now he could be their youngest fan and maybe he was conditioned to be a fan before he was born!!!

This is without a doubt MY album of the year!

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