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Stories Behind The Songs – The Live Version – Madysyn – Girlfriend

Nashville based pop-country singer Madysyn is already taking the music industry by storm with her exceptional vocals, sweet nature and all round talent. Already attracting the attention of critics, Madysyn has also gained a massive following across the globe and has a loyal following in Germany and the […]

Vic Allen – Enough – EP Review

With catchy chorus lines, infectious instrumentation, and superb storytelling, Vic Allen’s new EP is a tantalising revelation. Each of its four tracks has been distilled to perfection, producing a lyrical clarity that benefits from a paired back production. Title track Enough exemplifies this, its unpretentious bass line and […]

Morganway – Album Review

Morganway have been making quite the impression on the live circuit in recent months. Such has been the impact of their live performances that their debut album has become highly anticipated. And boy, does it deliver. Covered in countrified Americana, with flecks of folk, bits of the blues, […]