Sarah Darling — In concert — Guildford G Live ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ Rating

Review and live photos by Chaz Brooks

Sarah Darling hotfooted it to Guildford straight off the plane from Nashville where sheโ€™s currently recording her forthcoming album.

Backed by acoustic guitar and keyboards she glided through a high quality set, supporting Ward Thomas, featuring new songs getting a UK airing for the first time.

Opening with Place To Shine, streamed over a million times, her beautiful voice was itself shining. As if this wasnโ€™t proof enough of her talent a festive Santa Baby from her new Winter Wonderland album gave Eartha Kitt a run for her money with gorgeous, sultry vocals and a hint of Marilyn Monroe.

She introduced Where Cowboys Ride as โ€œthe favourite song Iโ€™ve ever written. Itโ€™s a love letter to Jackson, Wyoming.โ€

Darling debuted a trio of new tracks, Shimmer Like Gold and Diamonds โ€œabout something beautiful which takes a while to be wonderful.โ€ and Wasted which is a song she originally wrote ten years ago about the break-up of a family memberโ€™s marriage but has only recently felt able to perform.

With another festive track to finish, it is December after all, she turned White Christmas into a gentle crowd singalong. Darling returned later in the evening to join Ward Thomas on a track they co-wrote together. More on that to follow in the Ward Thomas review appearing shortly on this site.

The future is bright for Sarah Darling. Sheโ€™s excited to be playing Londonโ€™s Union Chapel next March. That will be a concert to look forward to.

Purchaseย Winter Wonderland by Sarah Darling here

Purchase tickets for Sarah’s Union Chapel show in March here


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